Agriculture and organic products

The territory of “Podere la Fonte”¬†extends in sixteen hectares of which, olive grove 3 ha, arable land about 7 hectares, the vineyard has about 1, 2ha pasture, remaining forest and bush pasture, garden about 2500 meters, 5000 meters mixed orchard.

Agricultural activity at Podere la Fonte is entirely performed by the method of conducting biological and is intended for the production of components used all’autosostentamento the farm and direct sales.

The production for sale mainly consists of products such as cereals, hay, olive oil, grapes for wine and table grapes, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants.

The olives from which the oil is extracted are grown with organic methods and are harvested by hand. The storage of the olives takes place in closed stores and ventilated for the short period between the collection from the milling.

The certification of agricultural production of the podere la Fonte¬†is performed by ICEA’s technicians with the Code operator No. B529.

The pressing is carried out with the system Pieralisi continuous cycle with controlled temperature.

The storage is done by steel drums, where the oil is decanted.
The bottling, following the general guidelines of good hygiene practices to be adopted for the olive sector, takes place at the food laboratory authorized by law at the Podere la Fonte.

We also produce organic wine IGT Toscano “Podere la Fonte” white and red.

The wine bian is derived from the processing of Trebbiano and Colombana while for red grapes are main Sangiovese and a small amount of Merlot.

Both wines are made from winemaking techniques with old contacts with the new oenological practices.


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