"Podere la Fonte"

Radicondoli - Siena -Tuscany
La Fonte is a small and ancient stone farmhouse, situated on a slope of the hill on which the town stretches of the medieval castle of the municipality of Radicondoli, with views of Volterra, San Gimignano and many other castles and towns situated on hills surrounding.

Forests, pastures, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees surround the farm that spans almost “between earth and sky” and overlooks the magnificent valley of the river Cecina. The Agriculture that is practiced at “Podere la Source” is a biological management, with production of cereals, grapes, olives, hay, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants.

Part of the production is processed into the food laboratory set up in the company. The production of cereals, grapes, olives, hay, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, are controlled by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Our agritourism is now more than twenty years. Back in the 80s when the farm was not yet known we had requests for a country holiday. Carefully continue to treat the restoration and maintenance of the entire building in brick and stone that forms the heart of the whole farm.

Agricultural activity that is carried out to the Source is intended mainly for the production of components used for self-sufficiency of the farm and the house.

Apartments and rooms

Podere La Fonte spans the magnificent valley of the river Cecina at the same height of the flight of birds that soar right before the eyes of those who want to appreciate the emotions procured sight bee-eaters, buzzards …

In the night it is not uncommon to come across animals such as foxes, badgers, porcupines … maybe the wolf; and at sunset wild boar and deer.

The Source can accommodate up to twelve people, six in two independent contiguous and six in the three double rooms inside the main house.

For the furniture you have chosen wooden furniture typical of the country tradition nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The beds are all with staves and orthopedic mattresses. The floors are tiled and the walls plastered and treated with natural lime.

The territory of the Source extends in sixteen hectares of which, olive grove 3 ha, arable land about 7 hectares, the vineyard has about 1, 2ha pasture, remaining forest and bush pasture, garden about 2500 meters, 5000 meters mixed orchard.

Agricultural activity at Podere la Fonte is entirely performed by the method of conducting biological and is intended for the production of components used all’autosostentamento the farm and direct sales. The production for sale mainly consists of products such as cereals, hay, olive oil, grapes for wine and table grapes, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants. The holiday accommodation is flanked to agricultural activity.


Agriturismo Podere La Fonte


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